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A tree of life. A gift for our health…

And God told His secret…

Blessed are you, olive, over all the trees in the world…

And blessed is your fruit…

One of the most valuable trees on the earth.

One of the most nutritious fruits in all the land.

A generous offer of life.

The wisdom of nature concentrated in drops.

That is the olive. These are its fruits. This is olive oil: earth, land, life, nature…

The olive tree has stood there for centuries,proud and generous.

This olive tree, the wild olive that lives for many years, the olive that takes deep root and produces its fruits with wisdom, we have fallen in love with it. We have rested in its shadow. We have tasted its fruits. We have followed its course in time. A path independent of human intervention, with only infallible nature as its guide.

This is the olive tree we have fallen in love with. We invite you to adopt this olive tree.

This is the olive tree we recommend for you. We urge you to embrace it. To love it. To adopt it. Incorporate it into your heart and life. Make it your own. A member of your family, alive and protected.

What do we offer?


The purpose of the project is to connect a global audience with a variety ofregions, the rural life, the Mediterranean diet, agricultural cultivation and, more specifically, olive production. The means for this connection is the most famous fruit tree, the olive tree, a real gift of nature that isintegrated with culture,offering all its products and by-products to the world.

The producers selected to participate in the project holdinternational certificates and awards, while the trees represent various regions and varieties. These are ancient varieties that continue to produce olives and oil with high nutritional value and medicinal properties.

The quality and value of ourproducts are certified by the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, the University of Patras, the University of Ioannina, Harvard University and Yale University.

The selected regionsare internationally recognised for the olive oil they produce, but also as tourist destinations, due to their natural beauty.

We will offer three types of package:

  • • Silver
  • • Gold
  • • Diamond

For this purpose, a joint-stock company based in Cyprus will be established.All shareholders will be equal with one vote each, andthey will form the board.A chairman will be elected at the first board meeting and the form of the company will be decided by all shareholders.

The company will undertake the promotion of the project, the initial costs, the advertising, the creation of souvenirs, contact with research centres and all the necessary promotional efforts.

The company will ensure that the adopted trees will be selected from a range of producers.

The board, or a person it elects, will manage the company’s revenue. A percentage of profits will be distributed to research centres working closelywith the project.



  • • A souvenir box with products from the tree (olives, oil, soap, wax ointment, tinctures, leaves and branches)
  • • A magazine and informational website
  • • A preferential price for subsequent orders
  • • Seasonal photos detailing the life of the tree
  • • An inscription with the name of the producer
  • • A brochure containingthe historical backgroundof the olive tree and the regional history
  • • A book of Mediterranean recipes
  • • Product certifications from reputable institutions
  • • A donation to support university research programmes


  • • An acquaintance trip to meet the tree and cultivator at a preferential price
  • • Live connection via the internet
  • • A membership card offering discounted hospitality in the areas participating in the project
  • • An annual meeting of members at a conference centre in the region
  • • The right to participate in the production of the product


  • • Collection from all the producers
  • • Hospitality
  • • Agrotourism brings visitors to stay at farms and participate in agricultural work. A highlight of a holiday in a farm-hostel is the visitor’s direct contact with rural life, crops, nature, and flora and fauna, something unique for most modern European citizens living in urban areas. In addition to the hospitality offered in a natural and unspoiled environment with local character and all the necessary amenities, visitorsare able toactivelyparticipate in a variety of activities. For example:
    – agricultural activities (hands-on experience),
    – ecosystem observation (birds, fauna, flora, wetland visits, etc.),
    – adventure sports (hiking, etc.),
    – cultural tours (visits to monasteries, churches, folklore museums, traditional dwellings, archaeological sites, etc.),
    – cultural courses (Greek dances, gastronomy and Greek cuisine, wine tasting, etc.)
  • • A key feature of this form of tourism in developed agrotourism countries (Spain, Germany, France) is accommodation on farms in the countryside. This, however, does not apply to the same degree in Greece, although our country has much to offer (culture and tradition, unique geophysical features, etc.). With the appropriate adaptations to the Greek landscape, Greek agrotourism could find itself in a competitive position, thus contributing to the protection of the natural environment and cultural heritage, and at the same time enhancing the income of the inhabitants of specific regions.


A tree of life. A gift for life.

The olive tree has stood there for centuries, proud and generous.

This is the olive tree we have fallen in love with. We inviteyou to adopt this olive tree.

Where your olive tree is…

In a magical place, almost mysterious, untouched by humanity,thousands of olive trees are found in a land rich both in history and in products of unique nutritional value. One next to the other, the trees have stood for years, for centuries. Some older, some younger. All bountiful in fruit, enriched by the care of the nutritious land. All valuable. All olive trees. Created by the poet of nature. Simply divine.

One act, for life… your own life!

In Greece, a small but majestic part of the world, a tree is waiting to become yours. Wherever you are in the world, an olive tree can be yours.It will bear your name, it will bear fruit for you and it will offer you its produce. The extract of its fruits. The olive oil that carries within it the infallible wisdom of nature. The nature that you are helping to stay alive and bountiful for centuries to come.

We are a group of six experienced producers who take strength from the idea of familiarising peoplewith the olive tree. We want to enablethem to contribute to the survival of the olive tree, to adopt it, to integrate it into their lives, thus contributing to their own well-being and assisting the survival of nature itself.

Golden Gift olive trees are the treeswe recommend for you to cherishand adopt, and when the time comes, to enjoy their fruits.



Adopt an olive tree. Help it grow. Enjoy its fruits.

Become an ally of nature. Help the olive tree grow without human intervention. Protect it from the abuse of the modern age. Give it time to bloom, to bear fruit, to give the best it has when its time comes. Leave the earth untouched. Do not burden it with nutrients, chemicals, human substances of dubious value and measurable damage to the fruit, the food chain, your own life. Harvest the fruits early, while unripe olive oil still retains all its valuable nutritional value. Enjoy it raw. Taste it. Savour its piquancy. It is the life that hides inside it. Life that is proven to be strong. That is what will make you strong. It will shield your heart. It will awaken your mind. It will delight your soul.

The three stages of adoption symbolise different things:

Stage 1: Ask us for an olive tree to adopt.Follow its development for a year. Eleni will find the olive tree,your own olive tree, to which she will give your name with care.

Stage 2: You will watch your olive tree grow. We will inform you about its development. You will have an image of it and you will get to know it, you will see it, you will feel it. This olive tree lives and grows thanks to you, for you.

Stage 3: It is time to give you its fruits, its extract. The unripe olive oil that it made slowly, with the time accuracy that only nature knows.

The Product

The precious gift you hold is the result of your devotion to the olive tree.

The olive oil from your olive tree, its precious extract, is ready to be delivered to you. In the olive press, they took care of it so it could keep all its nutritional value, so it wouldn’t lose a single drop of its precious properties which make it a true medicine of nature.

Eleni will take care to put it in its special packaging. In this special bottle that will protect its colour, taste and fragrance. She will gather all the gifts of nature and together, in a wooden box, they will be delivered to you, for you, for your loved ones, your friends, your family.

Just before Christmas, your wooden box can proudly stand under the Christmas tree. A breath of Greece. A tree of life. A gift for a lifetime.

Every year the tree of your life, your gift for a lifetime, awaits you.

With the new year, look at your tree,waiting for you. Take care of it for another whole year. Visit it via the internet or in person. Go to Kalyves in Halkidiki, Corfu, Crete or Cyprus and smell the salty sea. Next to you is the olive tree with its silver-green leaves playing with the light. Come in spring to see its flowers, in summer when it is heavy with fruits or in autumn, when its fruits are ready for harvest. Leave, but keep your mind on your olive tree. In the autumn, its fruits will be harvested once again. And then your gifts will be waiting for you for yet another year, under the Christmas tree.


The 250ml or 500ml bottles hold the precious unripe olive oil that will delight body and soul, heal, protectand become a valuable ally to your health.

The bottle is enclosedin wooden packaging, designed to hold well-hidden secrets and created to be a surprise and to give joy. Hidden inside are other gifts of the olive: its leaves to make a wonderful drink; olives to accompany each dish andto add another element to gastronomy and the palate; olive pâté, a magic of melted green or black olives mixed with oils and fragrances;andthe soap of youth and beauty, an ancient recipe that hides all these precious ingredients to give shine and beauty.

Included in the package isinformation from specialised Research Centres on the uses of all these valuable goods.


Unripe olive oil

Your tree will be one of the olive trees of the olive producer Eleni Zotou from Kalyves, Halkidiki, who represents the agricultural company Golden Tree Bio Organic Products Olive Oil.

From it will be extractedthe unripe olive oil that you will receive at the end of the year. If you love olive oil, if it accompanies your dishes every day, all you have to do is contact our company Golden Gift and ask for as much extra virgin olive oil as you want, your own oil of the year.

All Golden Tree olive oil is an extract of nature, in its purest form. There is no human intervention, except for watering and harvesting. Completely organic, our olive oil has a high nutritional value, certified by universities after extensive chemical analysis.

The crushing of the olives in biologically certified olive mills, at an appropriate water temperature to guarantee the quality of the product through all processes from production to packaging, ensures the health of the consumer (Quality Certificates ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 and HACCP health).

The unripe olive oil of your own olive tree is produced by crushing the unripe green olive, which is still smooth and unwrinkled. The fruit, unripe and green, is handpicked from the tree in October (depending on weather conditions) and processed immediately.

Olive Oil & Health

Olive oil is the secret of the Greeks’ longevity. Amongst other things, olive oil was used in antiquity for skin conditions. In the Hippocratic Corpus we can read about more than sixty medicinal uses, and in the inscription of Apella at the Asclepieion of Epidaurus, the treatment of headaches with the use of olive oil is mentioned.In the iconography of antiquity wealso find references to the cleansing properties of olive oil from the 6thcentury, usually with young people who use a special tool, the ‘spatula’, to clean themselves after first pouring olive oil on their hands.

In the Odyssey we find olive oil is used as a means of grooming, with Telemachus being washed with water and then covered in olive oil.

Recognising the value of olive oil, the Romans contributed to the spread of olive cultivation in their empire. References to the olive tree are found in the Bible and the Qur’an, while after the Renaissance the olive tree spread to the New World.

The ancient Greek healers used olive oil to heal wounds and to treat insomnia, nausea and cholera. They also used it to moisturise and soften their skin or put it in their hair to keep it healthy and shiny. Modern scientists believe that it enhances the function of our brain and internal organs, especially the heart, as opposed to harmful animal fats,which are responsible for the accumulation of fat in the heart,leading to heart attack.

Olive oil from your olive tree is packaged in the Golden Gift bottle, which helps it maintain a high number of polyphenols, oleander and oleasin. Valuable antioxidants and anti-inflammatory substances help toprotect against stress, sunlight and infections, and they are an ally of the heart, helping to prevent the deterioration of brain function, strengthen intestinal function and control skin ageing.

For all specialists, unripe olive oil is the oil that offers the greatest benefits for the body since it conceals a large percentage of the ‘medicinal’properties of nature. The way Golden Tree is produced, processed and bottled ensures that these natural properties are kept intact until the oil is consumed.

Your olive tree and the olive trees of Golden Tree are enriched with all these precious properties that nature gives so effortlessly.

The soil, the climate, the region. A tree of life. A gift for a lifetime.

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