21 December 2013
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Products / Olive oil / Extra virgin oil – Athonic Pure

Athonic Pure is an exquisite, gourmet Greek extra virgin olive oil made from handpicked Greek olives. It is produced using the method of cold pressing at low temperatures, under controlled hygienic conditions.

It is a high-quality product, a light and sweet extra virgin olive oil with an excellent and balanced fruity taste and rich aroma. It has all the valuable properties of natural olive oil and is rich in vitamins A and E, but without cholesterol.

Maximum acidity 0.4, K270 max. 0.22, K232 max. 2.5, DK max. 0.01, Peroxides max. 20 meq 02/kg, Waxes max. 250 mg/kg.

Enjoy it daily in your salads and meals. It is ideal for frying as it does not lose its valuable properties at high temperatures (200°C).

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