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A tribute to rural life, and the producer whose sweat brings out the golden Blessing of God from his favorite Tree the Olive.

The olive tree that since the Creation of the world holds the scepter like the white Dove had in its mouth the olive branch returning to Noah with the proclamation of Joy, Peace and the defeat of Evil.

GOLDEN TREE – when words become secondary as the senses take over, with words that overflow, words of substance take over transcending the boundaries of the ordinary, words that carry the guarantee of consistency.

When the Place transcends its limits and becomes a source of inspiration, when the Place is reflected in the early harvest olive oil and the olive, when the Place becomes an image to unite the past with the present.

When the how and the why fits in a container, in a jar, in a package. An answer that can only be measured in taste, in aroma, in images …
In the Golden Tree, the idea of embodiment of greatness is the key element.

The precious golden liquid of the Tree comes directly from the producers from the bowels of the Earth, giving weight to the authentic without preservatives, without spraying, without other interventions.
An extra virgin olive oil that stands out by its golden green color and texture.

The fruits are harvested while they are still green and pure, offers olive oil ideal for children and adults.

Halkidiki, where tourism, the sun, the sea, the farmer, the producer, the idea of achieving greatness …
Golden Tree’s activities are not limited only to the Greek market but are also expanding abroad …

A typical example is the creation of an interactive agrotourism program that takes place in a specially designed estate overlooking the Toroneos and Thermaikos gulf in Chalkidiki surrounded by olive trees over 350 years old.

Aiming for impeccable service as well as health assurance, Golden-tree has secured National, International and European certificates of quality and health.

A special honor for the Golden Tree is the dozens of awards it receives each year in national and international competitions. From A to Omega, the Golden Tree comes to give the answer to the art of impeccable quality and full sensory enjoyment.


• A souvenir box with products from the tree (olives, oil, soap, wax ointment, tinctures, leaves and branches)
• A magazine and informational website
• A preferential price for subsequent orders
• Seasonal photos detailing the life of the tree
• An inscription with the name of the producer
• A brochure containingthe historical backgroundof the olive tree and the regional history
• A book of Mediterranean recipes
• Product certifications from reputable institutions
• A donation to support university research programmes

• An acquaintance trip to meet the tree and cultivator at a preferential price
• Live connection via the internet
• A membership card offering discounted hospitality in the areas participating in the project
• An annual meeting of members at a conference centre in the region
• The right to participate in the production of the product

• Collection from all the producers
• Hospitality
• Agrotourism brings visitors to stay at farms and participate in agricultural work. A highlight of a holiday in a farm-hostel is the visitor’s direct contact with rural life, crops, nature, and flora and fauna, something unique for most modern European citizens living in urban areas. In addition to the hospitality offered in a natural and unspoiled environment with local character and all the necessary amenities, visitorsare able toactivelyparticipate in a variety of activities. For example:
– agricultural activities (hands-on experience),
– ecosystem observation (birds, fauna, flora, wetland visits, etc.),
– adventure sports (hiking, etc.),
– cultural tours (visits to monasteries, churches, folklore museums, traditional dwellings, archaeological sites, etc.),
– cultural courses (Greek dances, gastronomy and Greek cuisine, wine tasting, etc.)
• A key feature of this form of tourism in developed agrotourism countries (Spain, Germany, France) is accommodation on farms in the countryside. This, however, does not apply to the same degree in Greece, although our country has much to offer (culture and tradition, unique geophysical features, etc.). With the appropriate adaptations to the Greek landscape, Greek agrotourism could find itself in a competitive position, thus contributing to the protection of the natural environment and cultural heritage, and at the same time enhancing the income of the inhabitants of specific regions.

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